Axe-making with Foreign Fields

Added on by Skyler Fike.

Check out this video by John Neeman Tools called the Birth Of A Tool - Axe Making, as part of their series of videos on making some beautiful, handmade tools. The song playing with the video is Names and Races by Nashville band Foreign Fields, for which my brother Clayton plays le banjo.

As a result of watching this video, you should have uncontrollable urges to:

1. download the Foreign Fields album on Bandcamp or iTunes

2. buy a John Neeman handmade axe and cut down your Christmas tree with it since you probably haven't done that yet.

3. ornament the insides of your ears with the newly-downloaded album while ornamenting the outside of your newly-cut-down Christmas tree.

Post a comment below once you have taken care of these steps. Now, for the video: